About Me

About Me

I am a leader with a unique ability to mesh my deep engineering background with business and product reality. I've been building things, helping people and leading teams and businesses for over 20 years:

  • scaled a post-series C organization to deliver 2x the product lines while keeping costs stable
  • led a consistently profitable $10M+ USD gross revenue technology services organization as a general manager
  • scaled headcount 2-3x for two startup engineering functions while maintaining effectiveness and efficiency
  • accountable for all client-side software teams for a > 80M MAU marketplace at BlackBerry
  • as a Product Manager, built product at both Shopify and a small bootstrapped startup
  • developed and promoted countless leaders

I've been able to develop my own systems drawn from years of deep research and my own mistakes.

My work with ThreeNorth allows me to guide companies and startups and teach leaders as they strive to be High Leverage organizations. If increasing the leverage of your engineering organization is important to your business, I would love to help.

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Jamie Larson